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  • Why TurnKey?
    Our team draws on experience from a wide range of residential, commercial, and luxury projects, providing you with a unique blend of design perspectives tailored to your family's needs. With architectural excellence previously exclusive to some of Toronto’s most esteemed high-rises, we bring fresh and invigorating insights to your garden suite, ensuring it perfectly complements your property and lifestyle. Our meticulous attention to detail and advanced level of care prioritize your vision, making your family’s comfort our top priority.
  • Why did the City of Toronto legalize Garden Suites?
    In 2019, Bill 108 (More Homes, More Choices Act) was introduced to diversify the housing options in municipalities across Ontario in an effort to create more affordable communities. In order to comply, and help combat the housing crisis, municipalities are required to make amendments to their bylaws to permit typologies like Garden Suites on the same property as single detached, semi-detached, and townhome zones.
  • Will building a Garden Suite increase my property taxes?
    Property taxes are correlated with the value of a property. Factors that affect the value of a home include location, construction quality, living area, lot size, number of bathrooms, etc. The quality of the Garden Suite built coupled with these factors, can lead to an increase in your property value.
  • What should I consider before submitting an application to construct a Garden Suite the City?
    Requirements & Regulations Can your property accommodate a Garden Suite in light of all zoning requirements? Is your property in a jurisdiction that is regulated by a Conservation Authority? Is your property near a Ravine? Service Connections Does your property have full access to municipal services? What size is your Domestic water service? Hydro service? Does one need upgrading? Do they both? Do you have cables from past work buried in your backyard? Contact Ontario One Call Professional Services Have you retained the necessary services to provide site, grading, floor plans, building elevations, and specifications? Do you have a legible legal survey? Builder / Contractor Is Your Contractor licensed by The Home Construction Regulatory Authority (HCRA)? HCRA is the consumer protection organization established to administer the Province’s New Home Warranty program. A Garden Suite is considered a new dwelling and must be enrolled in Tarion. (Click here to read more) Costs Consultants (Engineer, HVAC, Arborist, etc.) Property Surveys from a licensed Land Surveyor Architectural Plans and Specifications Utility Upgrades Building Permit Fee Construction Materials and Labour Taxes (i.e. HST)
  • Can I convert my existing garage into a Garden Suite?
    Certainly. You have the ability to convert your detached shed or garage, however, keep in mind that the new Garden Suite will be subject to the standards set forth in the Ontario Building Code and the local zoning bylaw.
  • How many years have you been in business? How many projects have you done?
    Founded in 2020, TurnKey combines the agility of a young company with the depth of experience of a seasoned team. Our team members have managed complex residential projects for over a decade and have been involved in various stages of garden suite projects since their approval. With over 20 years of experience in residential construction, our team understands the complexities of backyard suites. We offer a client-focused approach backed by years of seasoned expertise.
  • How do you communicate and provide service throughout the development process?
    We provide you with a digital dashboard so you can keep up to date with what's happening every step of the way. Conveniently track documents, photos, selections, financials, and key milestones. You'll always be a message away from your dedicated project planner who'll be guiding you every step of the way.
  • How are utility services (electricity/hydro, gas, water) handled?
    Utilities for the suite come from the main home/primary residence and we suggest metering them separately – especially for rental purposes. Domestic Water Water lines must be buried at least 1.2 m/4 ft below grade (i.e. the frost line). Sewer The sewer line can be connected by tapping into the basement. Despite this, it is often less disruptive and therefore less expensive to trench on the side of the main house. Electricity/Hydro A 200 AMP service is often sufficient for a backyard suite.
  • Can I sever my backyard home from my primary residence?
    These units connect to municipal services through the main house which means that they must continue to share the lot of the main residence and cannot be severed. However, this does provide an oppotunity to increase the property value of the lot.
  • Do basements count toward the square footage of the suite?
    The simple answer is no. As with traditional residential homes, the basement area does not count toward the square footage outlined in the Ontario Building Code.
  • How long is the permitting process?
    The permitting process varies, but can take 2 - 3 months.
  • How much does the building permit application cost?
    Building permits can cost $1200 to $1,700 depending on the size of the suite.
  • What about development charges/levies?
    Development charges are fees collected from developers at the time of a building permit to help pay for the cost of infrastructure required to provide municipal services to new development, such as roads, transit, water and sewer infrastructure, community centres and fire and police facilities. The Government of Ontario made changes to the Development Charges Act through Bill 108 which means development charges for Laneway and Garden suites can be waived once the proposed suite complies with the by-law, a permit application has been submitted, and the property owner enters into an agreement with the city.
  • Is there a construction deadline once we receive my permits?
    Construction must begin within 1 year of receiving a building permit.
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