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Welcome to TurnKey.

The Best ROI In The Industry.

TurnKey transforms backyards and under-utilized space into quality backyard suites.


We provide a complete solution with a predictable process that maximizes return on investment. Now you can house your family, build an income stream, or downsize to travel the world.


What would Canadians talk about if it wasn't for the weather?

How about the major affordable housing crisis?

The year is 2023, you're finally able to go out to your favourite restaurant and catch up with friends you haven't seen in years. You sit down, and the first topic of discussion is... how unaffordable it is to live in the city.

At TurnKey we are committed to solving this issue.​​

1. By using unique building methods for affordable, quick and reliable builds

2. By providing affordable rental pricing to benefit renters, and a secondary stream of income to benefit homeowners

3. By adding dwellings onto existing property's to double the living space in the city.

Meet The Team

Our Trusted Partners

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